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Akeem Kemp is a natural prodigy who is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter from Arkansas.  He grew up performing in a gospel quartet, but branched out as a blues solo artist releasing his first album, “I Like It All,” followed by his second album, “A Woman Needs Love,” right after high school.  Influenced by Albert King’s string bending and soulful, smoky vocals as well as Jimi Hendrix’s overdriven amplifiers with high volume and gain, Akeem has managed to create his own style and unique tone.  Through the inspiration of life experiences, he uses his music to connect with all walks of life.  Akeem is on a journey to create memories, conceive feelings, and communicate lyrics people may feel they cannot say any other way except through music.   

“We are witnessing the launch of one of the best musicians in the country. Much like Stevie Ray Vaughan, his music is magical, and the entire world is just now responding to this incredible artist. Akeem is a natural musical prodigy, and at 21 years old, has already created and marketed two exceptional CDs of his original tunes.”

Peter Read:  Nightflying Publication 
(Article:  Let That Man Play the Blues)

Akeem Kemp Music Available Now: 

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