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Justin began to develop himself and pursue his interests into acting and modeling in January 2015. He auditioned with a talent search group, and upon being selected to the group, he was given the opportunity to show case his talent in front of many industry professionals at Orlando, FL that same summer. Upon completing his presentations, he received call backs from several of the industry professionals that were interested in him, and this set his acting career into action. He moved forward with his passion of acting by taking acting lessons from Ron Hicks, the father of Adam Hicks from Disney’s Lemonade Mouth and Ziek & Luther. He has also taken acting lessons from Walter Pridgen from Disney XD Gamers Guide To Everything and from Warren McCollough Of Little Rock, AR that had a role in many well known films such as “Forty year old Virgin”. He has been on A Haunting, Double Roll, Parkers Anchor, Gotham Knights, Into The Green and several more films, as well as being featured as a model in several fashion magazines. In December 2015, he began to expand his talents into music and singing in Los Angeles, CA where he recorded a cover song. After the cover was finished, he sought out the opportunity to write and record many more original songs which are now on iTunes and are being played on radio stations around the world with the help of multi-platinum recording artist, Andrew Lane in LA. During a visit to LA, he ran into Gary Corns, the owner of the famous Plymouth Radial Airplane Truck. Gary challenged Justin to write a song about this truck and the history of how the truck came to life.


This truck was featured on Jay Leno's Garage and has also been on the cover of Hot Rod Magazine, in Popular Mechanics, and many other well known publications. He is now in the process of making a country music album through I-manage Stars in Atlanta, GA from Nathaniel Levingston. Currently, he is working with vocal coach, Kim Sandusky in Nashville, TN. She has worked with many great stars such as: The Band Perry, Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé (solo), and Cinderella just to mention a few. Justin also got to record at Sony Nashville under the direction of legendary Doc Holiday and is in process of a country album. Justin was born and raised in a small country town in central AR with some deep roots. He loves old cars and baseball and has played the sport since he was four years old. His spare time consists of hunting, fishing, and spending quality time with family. He is very active in and committed to his church and church family and loves giving back to his community. He currently just graduated high school with a diploma and an associates degree from UALR University. He plans on attending ATU University this fall to get his master's degree in mechanical engineering.


You can follow him on: Facebook—Justin Michael Cupit Twitter—jc_cupit Instagram—


jc.cupit Fan Mail- Cupit Music P.O. Box 7 Greenbrier, AR 72058

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